Planning A Beach Vacation

The key to a good vacation is just the right blend of spontaneity and planning –not too much that it spoils the fun, and not too little that everything falls apart in a hot mess. With the weather holding clear, the weekends are perfect for a sunny outing. Where better than a trip to the beach? But properly planning a beach trip includes doing your research, especially if kids are involved.

Check the Weather
Always important no matter where you are going, remember to check the weather report. Luckily, these days we don’t need to wait for the weatherman to appear on T.V. to tell us if Bondi beach is getting rain. A quick search on Google will tell you the weather forecast for the weekend you have chosen for your outing, so make sure that it’s sunny and bright.

Beach Amenities
If you are a parent, then a weekend getaway at the beach can turn into a nightmare trying to gather everything your kids will need. Fortunately, most things are available en route or on location, so if you forget something, don’t worry overmuch. However, it is essential that you check that the beach you are heading to have a weekend doctor or some medical personnel available in case of emergencies. Once again, the internet will give you all the information you need. Also check that there is more than one Mermaid Beach doctor on duty during your vacation – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Convenient Accommodation
If your plan is to relax on the beach, try to find a place to stay that is not too far from the surf and sand. You don’t want to end up on the doctor in Broadbeach after hours, trudging miles inland to get to a warm bed. Book a hotel/ apartment/ holiday rental somewhere close to your chosen spot to weekend. Online sites such as Trip advisor and Lonely Planet offer hundreds of choice properties that will cater to your unique taste while your local travel agent will also have good recommendations.

A Bottle of Fun
The rest of the details are just that – details. Sun screen lotion, bathing suits, hats, sunglasses, bug spray (if you need it) and food all fall into the category of “buy as needed.” This will leave you with enough spontaneity to make the trip exciting while you can relax at the same time knowing that the most important details like accommodation and emergency care are taken care of. Most importantly, pack a bag full of joy and a bottle of fun to spray on yourself on the way. Hello, weekend!