DIY Tips For The Best Make Up For The Occasions

Sometimes in the hurry of the morning we have the multiple days where we end up poking our eyes with the mascara bristles or the eyeliner and other mishaps that we wish would never happen. Then there are those times when you don’t know how to do the gorgeous eye shadow style the model is wearing (YouTube videos do not help when the ones doing them are professionals and your hand is not that steady). So here are some simple tips for plastic surgery in Thailand to help you reduce the number of wrinkles.

·         Plastic spoon/ piece of paper

Use a piece of paper or a plastic spoon underneath your lashes when you are applying mascara to your lower eyelid. It will help you nullify the mascara getting applied to your skin and also allow you to apply a thicker coating without trouble.

·         Blush application types

Figure out what type of face you have before you make a routine of applying blush. The contour shape of your face (pre or post cosmetic surgery) allows different applications to highlight your cheekbones and your facial figure. So whether you showcase your best features depend on how much you know about your own face. For oval face you usually apply directly on your cheekbones while for long faces you apply on the middle part of the check underneath your eyes on softly but covering a large area. For heart shaped faces you apply on the middle of the cheek but thickly and to cover a small area. For square shaped faces two small round spots of blush will do the trick directly aligned to your eyes on your cheek. Round faces are usually tricky so apply blush closer to the top of your upper lips on your cheeks and until your ears.

·         Eye stencil or scotch tape

When applying eye shadow we all crave those beautiful shapes (cat eyes, and the plethora of other fashionable eye liner designs) and the issue we run into mostly (other than the lack of money to get breast reduction to get permanent eyeliner or something) is not being able to get the straight lines. So the solution for this issue is scotch tape. To get the straight lines tape the place you want the lines to go with scotch tape (make sure not to get your eyelashes caught up in the mess) and then do your eyeliner design.

Another tip that has emerged from the professional makeup artists is using white eyeliner on the bottom lid and black eyeliner on the top lid to make eyes look more awake (perfect for Mondays). And in order to hide the eye bags you can always go for a lighter shade of foundation to the crease and then a darker shade to the puffy area.